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atlanta dancers corporate entertainment party planning

Beth Del Nero - Dancer, Choreographer

My love of dance and all things acrobatic and showy likely started when my parents enrolled me in gymnastics for a year. Around that same time they took a trip to France and brought back a programme from the Lido in Paris. I couldn't get over the showgirls in their costumes with their feathers and precise leg lines. That lay dormant in my head for years as I performed with school precision dance/drill teams and danced in several highschool musicals. I went to college to study architecture and didn't pick up dance again until I left home (Detroit, MI) and moved to Atlanta. Once in Atlanta and while working as an intern architect I began vigorously studying dance again – ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, and modern.


I eventually began training and performing with Ginny King (original cast member of 42nd Street) and Bacchus Productions - a local company known for providing high quality showgirl and themed dances for events. I learned latin dance, can-can, go-go and everything in between from Ginny. My training led me to performing with other venues and companies such as Showbox Nightclub, Dance Brasil (samba), and Gathering Wild (modern).


Stephanie and I met when I began performing for The Dames Aflame. At the same time I discovered aerial dance and began training and performing with D'Air Aerial Dance in Atlanta. After several years with both of those companies, I feel like my inner showgirl and gymnast were finally home. I continue to teach dance both on the floor (ballet & jazz) and in the air (as an instructor at D'Air) while performing and choreographing. Two Chandeliers is a way for Stephanie and I to continue what we love and provide high quality dancers and showgirls to the public.

atlanta dancers corporate entertainment party planning

Stephanie Ludwig - Dancer, Costumer

Some of my favorite memories are of dance class at Vicki Lynn's School of Dance in Dayton, OH, when I was small. I returned to dance in college, and really found a passion for Vernacular Jazz Dance while living in NYC. I was a performer with the professional Lindy Hop group Hop, Swing and a Jump, appeared on MTV, Good Morning America, and performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

After moving to Atlanta, I continued performing Lindy Hop with various groups, and also joined the Dames Aflame, which is how I met Beth.  I co-managed and designed/crafted custom costumes for the The Dames for over 8 years. Along with performing in a popular, long-running a cabaret show, I danced with the Dames at the Rialto Center, Dad's Garage Theater, and had numerous appearances with The Kingsized Orchestra on the Atlanta Fox Morning Show

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